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DateTitle Authors
2010 Aid absorption and spending in Africa: A panel cointegration approachMartins, Pedro M. G.
2011 Does aid hinder tax efforts? More evidenceAlonso, José Antonio / Garcimartín, Carlos
2008 Tax competition, elastic labor supply, and growthHange, Ulrich
2008 Sectoral innovation systems, corporate strategies, and competitiveness of the German economy in a globalised worldRothgang, Michael
2013 Taxation and democratizationBaskaran, Thushyanthan
2010 De facto fiscal space and fiscal stimulus: Definition and assessmentAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2011 The fiscal stimulus of 2009-10: Trade openness, fiscal space and exchange rate adjustmentAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
1998 Corruption, Tax Evasion and the Laffer CurveGang, Ira N. / Sanyal, Amal / Goswami, Omkar
2009 One size fits all? : decentralization, corruption, and the monitoring of bureaucratsLessmann, Christian / Markwardt, Gunther
2010 The marginal propensity to earn, consume and save out of unearned income in South AfricaBengtsson, Niklas

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