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2006 Services trade liberalization at the regional level: Does Southern and Eastern Africa stand to gain from EPA negotiations?Jansen, Marion
2002 Bilateral official finance for private sector development and the role of non-government organizationJimoh, Ayodele
2007 Do unilateral trade preferences help export diversification? An investigation of the impact of European unilateral trade preferences on the extensive and intensive margin of tradeGamberoni, Elisa
2008 Does Aid for Education Educate Children? Evidence from Panel DataDreher, Axel / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Thiele, Rainer
2007 Do donors target aid in line with the Millennium Development Goals? A sector perspective of aid allocationThiele, Rainer / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Dreher, Axel
2008 Trading Profiles and Developing Country Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement SystemFrancois, Joseph / Horn, Henrik / Kaunitz, Niklas
2006 Multilateral intermediation of foreign aid: What is the trade-off for donor countries?Powell, Andrew / Bobba, Matteo
2010 Accession incentives for institutional change in post-socialist countries: cross-section and country evidence from NATO enlargementSchweickert, Rainer / Melnykovska, Inna / Heitmann, Hanno
2010 Debt Relief and Incentive-Compatible ConditionalityScholl, Almuth
2010 Economic Growth and the Volatility of Foreign AidChervin, Michal / van Wijnbergen, Sweder

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