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2002 Will HIPC matter? The debt game and donor behaviour in AfricaBirdsall, Nancy / Claessens, Stijn / Diwan, Ishac
2001 Conditionality and endogenous policy formation in a political settingMurshed, S. Mansoob
2001 Economic and institutional reforms in French-speaking West Africa: Impact on efficiency and growthDanielson, Anders
2001 Debt relief under the HIPC initiative: Context and outlook for debt sustainability and resource flowsAbrego, Lisandro / Ross, Doris C.
2001 Small states in a global economy: The role of institutions in managing vulnerability and opportunity in small developing countriesBräutigam, Deborah / Woolcock, Michael
2001 Debt reduction for poverty eradication in the least developed countries: Analysis and recommendations on LDC debtEuropean Network on Debt and Development
2002 Transnational terrorims as a spillover of domestic disputes in other countriesAddison, Tony / Murshed, S. Mansoob
2002 Making debt relief conditionality pro-poorMorrissey, Oliver
2006 The unlikeliness of an economic catastrophe: Localization & globalizationAlbala-Bertrand, Jose Miguel
2008 How much intraregional exchange rate variability could a currency union remove? The case of ASEAN+3Qin, Duo / Tan, Tao

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