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2012 Foreign assistance and the food crisis of 2007 - 08Abbott, Philip
2012 Aid effectiveness in the health sectorMartínez Álvarez, Melisa / Acharya, Arnab
2013 International co-operation for agricultural development and food and nutrition security: New institutional arrangements for related public goodsvon Braun, Joachim
2012 Does aid availability affect effectiveness in reducing poverty?Bourguignon, François / Platteau, Jean-Philippe
2012 Good governance as a concept, and why this matters for development policyGisselquist, Rachel M.
2012 International organizations in development and global inequality: The example of the World Bank's pension policyKoch, Martin
2012 Representação e reforma política: O debate sobre as eleições diretas para o ParlasulLassance, Antonio
2013 Raport Desk Research: samorządowa i obywatelska współpraca transgraniczna w województwie podlaskim. Przegląd literatury i dokumentów strategicznychKlimczuk, Andrzej
2013 Explaining positive deviance in public sector reforms in developmentAndrews, Matt
2013 How do governments become great? Ten cases, two competing explanations, one large research agendaAndrews, Matt

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