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DateTitle Authors
2008 Contract enforcement, institutions and social capital: the Maghribi traders reappraisedEdwards, Jeremy S. S. / Ogilvie, Sheilagh
2001 Group Behavior and Development: A Comparison of Farmers' Organisations in South Korea and TaiwanBurmeister, Larry / Ranis, Gustav / Wang, Michael
2008 Formality, informality, and social welfareBennett, John
2008 MIMIC models, cointegration and error correction: an application to the French shadow economyBühn, Andreas / Schneider, Friedrich G.
2011 Revealed informal activityDimova, Ralitza / Gang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John
2007 Does it pay firms to register for taxes? The impact of formality on firm profitabilityMcKenzie, David / Sakho, Yaye Seynabou
2008 Who are the microenterprise owners? Evidence from Sri Lanka on Tokman v. de SotoDe Mel, Suresh / McKenzie, David / Woodruff, Christopher
2008 Contract enforcement and institutions among the Maghribi traders: refuting Edwards and OgilvieGreif, Avner
2014 The relationship between GDP and the size of the informal economy: Empirical evidence for SpainDuarte, Pablo
2005 Determinants of the Informal Economy : The Importance of Regional FactorsKrakowski, Michael

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