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1999 The connection between more multinational banks and less real credit in transition economiesWeller, Christian E.
2002 Growth and business cycles with imperfect credit marketsChakrabarty, Debajyoti
1999 The finance-investment link in a transition economy: Evidence for Poland from panel dataWeller, Christian E.
2012 Local Financial Development and Household Welfare: Microevidence from Thai HouseholdsGloede, Oliver / Rungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2010 Dynamic Effects of Foreign Direct Investment When Credit Markets are ImperfectGall, Thomas / Schiffbauer, Marc / Kubny, Julia
2012 Are remittances a "catalyst" for financial access? Evidence from Mexican household dataAmbrosius, Christian
2004 The Contribution of Rapid Financial Development to Asymmetric Growth of Manufacturing Industries: Common Claims vs. Evidence for Polandvon Furstenberg, George M.
2001 The Financial System in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland after a Decade of TransitionSchardax, Franz / Reininger, Thomas / Summer, Martin
2012 The finance-growth nexus revisited: From origins to a modern theoretical landscapeStolbov, Mikhail
2012 Remittances, Banking Status and the Usage of Insurance SchemesCrayen, Dorothee / Hainz, Christa / de Martinez, Christiane Ströh

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