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DateTitle Authors
1997 Critical issues in microbusiness finance and the role of donorsSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Zeitinger, Claus-Peter
2011 Financial development and income inequalityJauch, Sebastian / Watzka, Sebastian
2001 Microfinance als Geflecht von AnreizproblemenSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Tschach, Ingo E.
2011 Collateral and its substitutes in emerging markets' lendingMenkhoff, Lukas / Neuberger, Doris / Rungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2003 Are Foreign Institutional Investors Good for Emerging Markets?Menkhoff, Lukas / Frenkel, Michael
2005 On the Rationale of Bank Lending in Pre-Crisis ThailandMenkhoff, Lukas / Suwanaporn, Chodechai
2004 Microfinance: Does it hold its promises? A survey of recent literatureKhawari, Aliya
2010 Lessons from post-colonial Malaysian economic developmentS., Jomo K. / Hui, Wee Chong
2001 Risk sharing and firm size: Theory and international evidenceGiannetti, Mariassunta
2007 Understanding the strategies of venture capital investors in helping their portfolio firms to become internationalLuukkonen, Terttu

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