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DateTitle Authors
2002 Comparative appraisal of multilateral and bilateral approaches to financing private sector development in developing countriesGibbon, Peter / Schulpen, Lau
2002 Does internet connectivity affect export performance? Evidence from the transition economiesClarke, George R. G.
2002 Competing in the digital economy? The dynamics and impacts of B2B E-commerce on the South African manufacturing sectorMoodley, Sagren
2013 Allocation of Human Capital and Innovation at the Frontier: Firm-Level Evidence on Germany and the NetherlandsBartelsman, Eric Jan / Dobbelaere, Sabien / Peters, Bettina
2011 Technology neutral public support: An important pillar of East German industrial researchBelitz, Heike / Eickelpasch, Alexander / Lejpras, Anna
2011 The product space: What does it say about the opportunities for growth and structural transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa?Abdon, Arnelyn / Felipe, Jesus
2012 Structural change in the Brazilian economy in the 2000sMessa, Alexandre
2011 Rethinking China's path of industrializationWu, Harry X.
2009 Small and medium enterprises in Japan: Surviving the long-term recessionUchikawa, Shuji
2010 The Swedish modelKokko, Ari

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