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2013 Skills, migration, and industrial structure in a dual economyde Dios, Emmanuel S.
2009 Wachstumsmotor Industrie? Zur Bedeutung des Verarbeitenden Gewerbes für die Entwicklung des BruttoinlandsproduktsWienert, Helmut
2013 Bio-pharma's impact on California's state and local economyPhilips, Peter / Duncan, Kevin
2014 Structural Change and Innovation as Exit Strategies from the Middle Income TrapVivarelli, Marco
2008 International and intra-national technology spillovers and technology development paths in developing countries: The case of ChinaFu, Miao / Fu, Xiaolan / Li, Tieli
1995 The diffusion of innovations in the world textile industry : does a country's level of economic development matter?Lücke, Matthias
2010 Corruption and productivity firm-level evidence from the BEEPS surveyDe Rosa, Donato / Gooroochurn, Nishaal / Görg, Holger
2010 Technology choice and international tradeSchmidt, Gabriela
2011 Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold / Rogerson, Richard / Valentinyi, Akos
2012 Sectoral Technology and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold / Herrington, Christopher / Valentinyi, Ákos

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