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2005 The profits of power: land rights and agricultural investment in GhanaGoldstein, Markus / Udry, Christopher
2005 Sustainable economic development and the environment: Theory and evidenceBertinelli, Luisito / Strobl, Eric / Zou, Benteng
2013 Inter-generational distribution of resources in a model of economic growth: Taking the land vs. food trade-off into accountVoosholz, Frauke
2008 Carbon emissions and economic growth : homogeneous causality in heterogeneous panelsMaddison, David / Rehdanz, Katrin
2007 Pareto optimality in the extraction of fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect: a noteSinn, Hans-Werner
2007 Public policies against global warmingSinn, Hans-Werner
2004 Sectoral Energy- and Labour-Productivity ConvergenceMulder, Peter / de Groot, Henri L.F.
2012 Payments for ecological restoration and internal migration in China: The sloping land conversion program in NingxiaDémurger, Sylvie / Wan, Haiyuan
2013 Inside the metrics: An empirical comparison of energy poverty indices for Sub-Saharan countriesBensch, Gunther
2012 Fear of the dark? How access to electric lighting affects security attitudes and nighttime activities in rural SenegalBensch, Gunther / Peters, Jörg / Sievert, Maximiliane

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