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2001 On the choice of appropriate development strategy: Insights from CGE modelling of the Mozambican economyTarp Jensen, Henning / Tarp, Finn
2002 Unsustainable debt burden and poverty in Pakistan: A case for enhanced HIPC initiativeAnwar, Tilat
2005 Is social capital part of the institutions continuum?Knowles, Stephen
2006 Informal institutions and cross-country income differencesKnowles, Stephen / Weatherston, Clayton
1994 The Macroeconomic Effects of New Information Technology, with Special Emphasis on TelecommunicationsEliasson, Gunnar
2001 Restricciones macroeconómicas al desarrollo económico y la reducción de la pobreza: El caso de BoliviaSchweickert, Rainer
2009 The religious transition: a long-run perspectivePaldam, Martin / Gundlach, Erich
2006 Sectoral aid priorities: Are donors really doing their best to achieve the millennium development goals?Thiele, Rainer / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Dreher, Axel
2006 Aid and growth accelerations: An alternative approach to assess the effectiveness of aidDovern, Jonas / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2011 Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold / Rogerson, Richard / Valentinyi, Akos

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