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DateTitle Authors
2004 Prospects for pro-poor growth in AfricaBigsten, Arne / Shimeles, Abebe
2006 A wider approach to aid effectiveness: Correlated impacts on health, wealth, fertility and educationFielding, David / McGillivray, Mark / Torres, Sebastian
2008 Comparing regional development in China and IndiaWu, Yanrui
2011 Beyond the overall economic downturn: Evidence on sector-specific effects of violent conflict from IndonesiaVothknecht, Marc / Sumarto, Sudarno
2011 Macroeconomic policy coordination in a competitive real exchange rate strategy for developmentRapetti, Martin
2011 The real exchange rate and economic growth: Are developing countries different?Rapetti, Martin / Skott, Peter / Razmi, Arslan
2010 Entry Cost, financial friction, and cross-country differences in income and TFPFang, Lei
2009 Entry barriers, competition, and technology adoptionFang, Lei
24-Oct-2012 Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of OECD CountriesAtif, Syed Muhammad / Endres, James / Macdonald, James
2013 The history augmented Solow modelDalgaard, Carl-Johan / Strulik, Holger

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