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1994 Taxation of income and wealth in a model of endogenous growthGrüner, Hans Peter / Heer, Burkhard
2009 Entry barriers, competition, and technology adoptionFang, Lei
2010 Entry Cost, financial friction, and cross-country differences in income and TFPFang, Lei
2004 The Evolution of Development Thinking: Theory and PolicyRanis, Gustav
2004 Human Development and Economic GrowthRanis, Gustav
2012 Successful' development models in the MENA regionDrine, Imed
2013 Neoliberal Unshared Growth Regime of Turkey in the Post-2001 PeriodHerr, Hansjörg / Sonat, Zeynep M.
2001 Macroeconomic constraints on economic development and poverty reduction : the case of BoliviaSchweickert, Rainer
2008 Beyond industrialization: New approaches to development strategy based on the service sectorSheehan, Peter
2007 Analyzing patterns of economic growth: a production frontier approachKerekes, Monika

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