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2013 Dynamics and Time Scope of Post War Recovery Required for Compensating Civil War Economic LossesNam, Chang Woon / Schumacher, Jan
2007 A bioeconomic foundation of the Malthusian equilibrium : body size and population size in the long-runDalgaard, Carl-Johan / Strulik, Holger
2008 Degrees of development: how geographic latitude sets the pace of industrialization and demographic changeStrulik, Holger
2010 Disaggregating the resource curse: Is the curse more difficult to dispel in oil states than in mineral states?Azarchs, Timothy / Khitarishvili, Tamar
2009 Understanding the African growth record: The importance of policy syndromes and governanceFosu, Augustin Kwasi
2008 Struktur und Dynamik der Kleinstvolkswirtschaft LiechtensteinKellermann, Kersten / Schlag, Carsten-Henning
2014 Improving public equity markets? No pain, no GainKartashova, Katya
2015 Your development or mine? Effects of donor-recipient cultural differences on the aid-growth nexusMinasyan, Anna
2009 Patterns of inclusive growth in developing Asia: Insights from an enhanced growth-poverty elasticity analysisHabito, Cielito F.
2009 Impacts of the global financial crisis on small and medium enterprises in the People's Republic of ChinaLiu, Xiangfeng

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