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DateTitle Authors
2011 Inequality and growth in the very long run: Inferring inequality from data on social groupsModalsli, Jørgen Heibø
2008 Effective demand, local governments and economic growth in post-Mao China: A spatial econometrics perspectiveJeon, Yongbok
2003 A Conceptual Framework to Model Long-Run Qualitative Change in the Energy SystemHanusch, Horst / Ebersberger, Bernd / Pyka, Andreas
2003 Recent trends in the research on national innovation systemsBalzat, Markus / Hanusch, Horst
2005 Mapping National Innovation Systems in the OECD AreaBalzat, Markus / Pyka, Andreas
2008 A historical perspective on patents and industry growth in Finland: Connections and lagsNikulainen, Tuomo
2013 The economics of inclusion: Building an argument for a shared societyValenti, Michael A. / Giovannoni, Olivier
2011 One model fits all? Determinants of transport costs across sectors and country groupsSchürenberg-Frosch, Hannah
2015 Innovation, Inequality and a Golden Rule for Growth in an Economy with Cobb-Douglas Function and an R&D SectorWelfens, Paul J. J.
2011 Buying votes and international organizationsDreher, Axel / Vreeland, James Raymond

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