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2010 As you sow so shall you reap: From capabilities to opportunitiesFelipe, Jesus / Kumar, Utsav / Abdon, Arnelyn
2005 Constant savings rates and quasi-arithmetic population growth under exhaustible resource constraintsAsheim, Geir B. / Buchholz, Wolfgang / Hartwick, John M. / Mitra, Tapan / Withagen, Cees
2003 Social democracy as a development strategyMoene, Karl Ove
2005 Land inequality and the emergence of human capital promoting institutionsGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer / Vollrath, Dietrich
2006 Der Beitrag der Geography vs. Institutions-Debatte zur Erklärung von Good oder Bad GovernanceAhlfeld, Sebastian / Hemmer, Hans-Rimbert
2005 The Economic Growth Debate - Geography versus Institutions: Is There Anything Really New?Lorenz, Andreas / Hemmer, Hans-Rimbert / Ahlfeld, Sebastian
2011 Human capital and the adoption of information and communications technologies: Evidence from investment climate survey of PakistanMughal, Mazhar / Diawara, Barassou
2006 Inequality in land ownership, the emergence of human capital promoting institutions, and the great divergenceGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer / Vollrath, Dietrich
2003 Land inequality and the origin of divergence and overtaking in the growth process: Theory and evidenceGalor, Oded / Moav, Omer / Vollrath, Dietrich
2010 The demographic transition: Causes and consequencesGalor, Oded

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