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DateTitle Authors
2006 The social impact of globalization in the developing countriesLee, Eddy / Vivarelli, Marco
2003 Do Large Employers Pay More in Developing Countries? The Case of Five African CountriesStrobl, Eric / Thornton, Robert
2003 Defining Unemployment in Developing Countries: Evidence from Trinidad and TobagoStrobl, Eric / Byrne, David
2013 Income and Population GrowthBrückner, Markus / Schwandt, Hannes
2001 Determinants of income inequality and its effects on economic growth: Evidence from African countriesOdedokun, Matthew O. / Round, Jeffery I.
2011 The intensity of conflict, growth and post-conflict recoveryBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2008 A farewell to critical junctures: Sorting out long-run causality of income and democracyGundlach, Erich / Paldam, Martin
2007 Two views on institutions and development: The grand transition vs. the primacy of institutionsPaldam, Martin / Gundlach, Erich
2005 Untangling the quality of governance from the level of income: Are Sub-Saharan African countries governed well?Gundlach, Erich / Hartmann, Susanne
2008 The transition of corruption: From poverty to honestyGundlach, Erich / Paldam, Martin

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