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2013 Finanzas corporativas: El "efecto portafolio" en la gestión financiera de la empresa en contextos inflacionariosDapena, José Pablo
2010 Multinational corporations, technology spillovers and human rights' impacts on developing countriesGiuliani, Elisa
2009 Rol del mercado de capitales en el crecimiento de la economia: Literatura y evidencia para ArgentinaDapena, José Pablo
2005 Transfers, non-traded goods, and unemployment : an analysis of the Keynes-Ohlin debateBrakman, Steven / van Marrewijk, Charles
2009 Opium for the masses? Conflict-induced narcotics production in AfghanistanLind, Jo Thori / Moene, Karl Ove
2010 Culture, institutions and the wealth of nationsGorodnichenko, Yuriy / Roland, Gerard
2009 Do sources of knowledge transfer matter? A firm-level analysis in the PRD, ChinaLiu, Wan-Hsin
2004 Foreign direct investment, competition and industrial development in the host countryBarrios Cobos, Salvador / Görg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2008 Abortion and human capital accumulation: A contribution to the understanding of the gender gap in educationAzarnert, Leonid V.
2013 Post-malthusian dynamics in pre-industrial ScandinaviaKlemp, Marc / Møller, Niels Framroze

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