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2012 Obesity in black and white: Accounting for 19th century US BMI differences by socioeconomic status and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2012 Nineteenth century US BMIs by race: Socioeconomics and biologyCarson, Scott A.
2006 African-American and white living standards in the 19th century American South : a biological comparisonCarson, Scott Alan
2006 Living standards in black and white: evidence from the heights of Ohio prison inmates, 1829 - 1913Carson, Scott Alan / Maloney, Thomas N.
2007 African-American and white inequality in the American South: evidence from the 19th Century Missouri state prisonCarson, Scott Alan
2007 Health during industrialization: evidence from the 19th century Pennsylvania state prison systemCarson, Scott Alan
2013 Statures, BMIs, and Weight: A ReassessmentCarson, Scott A.
2012 Nineteenth century biological conditions on the high central plainsCarson, Scott A.
2011 Race v. suffrage: The determinants of development in MississippiBertocchi, Graziella / Dimico, Arcangelo
2009 The economic progress of American Jewry: from 18th century merchants to 21st century professionalsChiswick, Barry R.

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