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2011 Are electoral coalitions harmful for democratic consolidation in Africa?Resnick, Danielle
2005 Top incomes in Sweden over the twentieth centuryRoine, Jesper / Waldenström, Daniel
2007 What determines top income shares? Evidence from the twentieth centuryRoine, Jesper / Vlachos, Jonas / Waldenström, Daniel
2006 The evolution of top incomes in an egalitarian society: Sweden, 1903 - 2004Roine, Jesper / Waldenström, Daniel
2013 The Political Economy of Educational Content and Development: Lessons from HistoryCantoni, Davide / Yuchtman, Noam
2008 Post-1500 population flows and the long run determinants of economic growth and inequalityPutterman, Louis / Weil, David N.
2015 Wealth-Income Ratios in a Small, Late-Industrializing, Welfare-State Economy: Sweden, 1810–2014Waldenström, Daniel
2012 On the human capital of Inca Indios before and after the Spanish conquest: Was there a "pre-colonial legacy"?Juif, Dácil-Tania / Baten, Joerg
2011 Growth effects of 19th century mass migrations: "Fome Zero" for BrazilStolz, Yvonne / Baten, Jörg / Botelho, Tarcísio
2012 Good governance as a concept, and why this matters for development policyGisselquist, Rachel M.

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