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2003 Commercial note issuing banks and capital market development: An empirical test of the Enskilda Banks' assets, liabilities and reserves in relation to evolving capital market liquidity in Sweden, 1834 - 1913Ögren, Anders
2007 Financial revolution and economic modernization in SwedenÖgren, Anders
2005 The long-term relationship between capital and earnings in bankingHortlund, Per
2003 Reserves, money supply and prices: The international adjustment mechanism in Sweden under the silver and gold standards, 1834 - 1913Ögren, Anders
2007 Multiple paper monies in Sweden, 1789 - 1903: Substitution or complementarity?Engdahl, Torbjörn / Ögren, Anders
2003 Lender of last report in a transitional economy with a fixed exchange rate: Financial crises and monetary policy in Sweden under the silver and gold standards, 1834 - 1913Ögren, Anders
2010 Did the cooperative start life as a joint-stock company? Business law and cooperatives in Spain, 1869 - 1931Guinnane, Timothy W. / Martínez-Rodríguez, Susana
2006 Institutions and economic growth: The successful experience of Switzerland (1870 - 1950)David, Thomas / Mach, André
2011 Liquidity measures, liquidity drivers and expected returns on an early call auction marketBurhop, Carsten / Gelman, Sergey
2010 Did adhering to the gold standard reduce the cost of capital?Alquist, Ron / Chabot, Ben

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