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DateTitle Authors
2012 Fixed-income portfolio management in crisis period: Expected tail loss (ETL) approachMili, Mehdi
2014 Low base interest rates: An opportunity in the euro debt crisisKokert, Marius / Schäfer, Dorothea / Stephan, Andreas
2014 Niedriger Leitzins: Eine Chance in der Euro-SchuldenkriseKokert, Marius / Schäfer, Dorothea / Stephan, Andreas
2014 Financial history and financial economicsTurner, John D.
2008 What lessons have been learnt since the East Asian Crisis in 1997/98? CIBS, capital flows and exchange ratesPircher, Marion
2002 Why isn't there more financial intermediation in developing countries?Conning, Jonathan / Kevane, Michael
1983 The Industrial Finance Systems; Europe, U.S. and JapanRybczynski, Tad
2009 Global financial crisis: causes and lessons ; a Neo-Schumpeterian perspectiveHanusch, Horst / Wackermann, Florian
2014 In the name of God: Managing risk in Islamic financeCattelan, Valentino
2006 Does financial integration spur economic growth? : New evidence from the first era of financial globalizationSchularick, Moritz / Steger, Thomas M.

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