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DateTitle Authors
2005 Culture and institutions : economic development in the regions of EuropeTabellini, Guido
2010 Endogenous Borders? Exploring a Natural Experiment on Border EffectsWolf, Nikolaus / Heinemeyer, Hans Christian / Schulze, Max-Stephan
2008 Endogenous borders?: the effects of new borders on trade in Central Europe 1885-1933Heinemeyer, Hans Christian / Schulze, Max-Stephan / Wolf, Nikolaus
2010 Financial development and sectoral output growth in 19th century GermanyDiekmann, Katharina / Westermann, Frank
2006 Was Germany ever united? Borders and domestic trade, 1885 - 1933Wolf, Nikolaus
2005 Harbingers of dissolution? Grain prices, borders and nationalism in the Habsburg economy before the First World WarWolf, Nikolaus / Schulze, Max-Stephan
2010 Financial Development and Sectoral Output Growth in 19th century GermanyDiekmann, Katharina / Westermann, Frank
2011 Epidemic tradeBörner, Lars / Severgnini, Battista
2009 Consumer prices in Denmark 1502-2007Abildgren, Kim
2014 The Rise of the English Economy 1300-1900: A Lasting Response to Demographic ShocksForeman-Peck, James / Zhou, Peng

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