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2011 Testing the general validity of the Heckscher-Ohlin theorem: The natural experiment of JapanBernhofen, Daniel M. / Brown, John C.
2011 Risk, institutions and growth: Why England and not China?Greif, Avner / Iyigun, Murat / Sasson, Diego
2008 The evolution of the check as a means of payment: A historical surveyQuinn, Stephen / Roberds, William
2005 Social capability, history and the economies of Communist and post-Communist statesIliev, Peter / Putterman, Louis
2009 Foreign currency debt, financial crises and economic growth: A long run viewBordo, Michael D. / Meissner, Christopher M. / Stuckler, David
2010 The long-run weight of communism or the weight of long-run history?Roland, Gérard
2004 Technological breakthroughs and productivity growthEdquist, Harald / Henrekson, Magnus
2000 A return to the convertibility principle? Monetary and fiscal regimes in historical perspective. The international evidenceBordo, Michael D. / Jonung, Lars
2012 A factor augmentation formulation of the value of international tradeBernhofen, Daniel M. / Brown, John C.
2003 Cross-country technology adoption: Making the theories face the factsComin, Diego / Hobijn, Bart

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