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DateTitle Authors
2009 Die Wachstumsspirale in der Krise ; Ansätze zu einem nachhaltigen WachstumBinswanger, Hans Christoph
2008 Random Matrix Theory and Macro-Economic Time-Series: An Illustration Using the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006Ormerod, Paul
2013 Achieving development success: Strategies and lessons from the developing worldFosu, Augustin Kwasi
2005 Social capability, history and the economies of Communist and post-Communist statesIliev, Peter / Putterman, Louis
2008 The evolution of the check as a means of payment: A historical surveyQuinn, Stephen / Roberds, William
2003 Cross-country technology adoption: Making the theories face the factsComin, Diego / Hobijn, Bart
2011 Democratization and civil liberties: The role of violence during the transitionCervellati, Matteo / Fortunato, Piergiuseppe / Sunde, Uwe
2009 Persistence of civil warsAcemoglu, Daron / Ticchi, Davide / Vindigni, Andrea
2010 Do rising top incomes lift all boats?Andrews, Dan / Jencks, Christopher / Leigh, Andrew
2011 Democratization, violent social conflicts, and growthCervellati, Matteo / Sunde, Uwe

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