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DateTitle Authors
2009 Institutions, geography, and terms of trade in Latin America: A longitudinal econometric analysisPerry, Nathan / Schönerwald, Carlos
2008 Monetary policies and low-frequency manifestations of the quantity theorySargent, Thomas J. / Surico, Paolo
2007 Term structure transmission of monetary policyKozicki, Sharon / Tinsley, P. A.
2007 Do we need the IMF to resolve a crisis? Lessons from past episodes of debt restructuringMaier, Philipp
2007 Perhaps the FOMC did what it said it did: An alternative interpretation of the Great InflationKozicki, Sharon / Tinsley, P. A.
2011 Will human action by Ludwig von Mises help understand what causes the 2008 economic crisis?Koumparoulis, Dimitrios Nikolaou
2015 Orthodoxy versus heterodoxy: Inflation, unemployment, growth, profitManera, Carlos
2007 Growing up to Financial StabilityBordo, Michael D.
2008 Growing up to Financial StabilityBordo, Michael D.
2012 Growth over the very long-run: Implications of a specific factors model of economic development with endogenous technological changeCaspari, Volker / Eschenhof-Kammer, Sabine / Pertz, Klaus

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