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2005 Conditions for an efficient innovation process: The complementarity between new HRM practices and suggestion schemesPaunescu, Mihai
2005 The determinants of firm performance: unions, works councils, and employee involvement/high performance work practicesAddison, John T.
2014 The moderating effects of theatrical components on the relationship between emotional labor and emotional exhaustionYang, Dong-Jenn / Ma, Tsung-Kuang E. / Lee, Sheng-Hsiung
2006 New workplace practices and the gender wage gap: can the new economy be the great equalizer?Gupta, Nabanita Datta / Eriksson, Tor
2005 Reference dependent preferences and the impact of wage increases on job satisfaction: theory and evidenceGrund, Christian / Sliwka, Dirk
2005 Age structure of the workforce and firm performanceGrund, Christian / Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2005 Tournaments and multiple productive inputs: the case of performance enhancing drugsKonrad, Kai A.
2010 Works Councils and Learning: On the Dynamic Dimension of CodeterminationJirjahn, Uwe / Mohrenweiser, Jens / Backes-Gellner, Uschi
2009 The Breakdown of MoraleVikander, Nick
2010 Experience, innovation and productivity: Empirical evidence from Italy's slowdownDaveri, Francesco / Parisi, Maria Laura

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