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2014 Don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs: Strategic delay in project completionKatolnik, Svetlana / Schöndube, Jens Robert
2013 Employee recognition and performance: A field experimentBradler, Christiane / Dur, Robert / Neckermann, Susanne / Non, Arjan
2014 Social Relations, Incentives, and Gender in the WorkplaceOnemu, Okemena
2014 Incentives and selection in promotion contests: Is it possible to kill two birds with one stone?Stracke, Rudi / Höchtl, Wolfgang / Kerschbamer, Rudolf / Sunde, Uwe
2014 Vacation Leave, Work Hours and Wages: New Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee DataFakih, Ali
2009 Peer pressure, incentives, and gender: an experimental analysis of motivation in the workplaceBellemare, Charles / Lepage, Patrick / Shearer, Bruce S.
2011 Incentives vs. selection in promotion tournaments: Can a designer kill two birds with one stone?Höchtl, Wolfgang / Kerschbamer, Rudolf / Stracke, Rudi / Sunde, Uwe
2010 Are employees better off in socially responsible firms?Tamm, Katrin / Eamets, Raul / Mõtsmees, Pille
2010 Social ties and subjective performance evaluations: An empirical investigationBreuer, Kathrin / Nieken, Petra / Sliwka, Dirk
2006 Incentives for managers and inequality among workers: evidence from a firm level experimentBandiera, Oriana / Barankay, Iwan / Rasul, Imran

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