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2004 Preemptive Behavior in Sequential-Move Tournaments with Heterogeneous AgentsJost, Peter-Jürgen / Kräkel, Matthias
2005 A rationale for the coexistence of central and decentral marketing in team sportsGürtler, Oliver
2005 Doping in Contest-Like SituationsKräkel, Matthias
2007 Limited Liability and the Trade-off between Risk and IncentivesKräkel, Matthias
2007 Optimal Risk Taking in an Uneven Tournament Game with Risk Averse PlayersKräkel, Matthias
2014 Social Attitudes on Gender Equality and Firms' Discriminatory Pay-SettingJanssen, Simon / Tuor Sartore, Simone N. / Backes-Gellner, Uschi
2008 Positive and negative team identity in a promotion gameEberlein, Marion / Walkowitz, Gari
2008 The optimality of simple contracts : moral hazard and loss aversionHerweg, Fabian / Müller, Daniel
2012 Promotion determinants in corporate hierarchies: An examination of fast tracks and functional areaBelzil, Christian / Bognanno, Michael Leonard / Poinas, François
2010 Extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motives: Standard and behavioral approaches to agency and labor marketsRebitzer, James B. / Taylor, Lowell J.

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