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2012 Content analysis of XBRL filings as an efficient supplement of bankruptcy prediction? Empirical evidence based on US GAAP annual reportsHenselmann, Klaus / Scherr, Elisabeth
2014 The CCCTB option an experimental studyKeser, Claudia / Kimpel, Gerrit / Oestreicher, Andreas
2010 Grundlagen und aktuelle Entwicklungen der digitalen BetriebsprüfungKaminski, Ingo
2004 Who do you trust while bubbles grow and blow? A comparative analysis of the explanatory power of accounting and patent information for the market values of German firmsReitzig, Markus / Ramb, Fred
2005 Comparing the value revelance of R&D reporting in Germany: standard and selection effectsRamb, Fred / Reitzig, Markus
2011 Forecast Errors in Undisclosed Management Sales Forecasts: The Disappearance of the Overoptimism BiasMüller, Hans Christian
2010 Are banks using hidden reserves to beat earnings benchmarks? Evidence from GermanyBornemann, Sven / Kick, Thomas / Memmel, Christoph / Pfingsten, Andreas
2009 Determinants for using visible reserves in German banks: an empirical studyBornemann, Sven / Homölle, Susanne / Hubensack, Carsten / Kick, Thomas / Pfingsten, Andreas
2003 The role of accounting in the German financial systemLeuz, Christian / Wüstemann, Jens
2006 Mark-to-market accounting and liquidity pricingAllen, Franklin / Carletti, Elena

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