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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Employer-Sponsored Training in Stabilisation and Growth Policy PerspectivesHåkanson, Christina; Johanson, Satu; Mellander, Erik
2012GDPdU-Konformität von Projektmanagementsoftware: Exemplarische Konzeption und UmsetzungKlotz, Michael; Sulk, Ingolf; Wieck, Enrico
2012Internationalisierungspfade mittelständischer Unternehmen in Osteuropa: Internationalisierungsprozess und Standorteffekte am Beispiel niedersächsischer KMULeick, Birgit; Leßmann, Grit; Nussbaum, Jens
2006Organizational structure as the channeling of boundedly rational pre-play communicationEllingsen, Tore; Östling, Robert
1994What makes the difference between unsuccessful and successful firms in the German mechanical engineering industry? A microsimulation approach using data from the NIFA-PanelWidmaier, Ulrich; Niggemann, Hiltrud; Merz, Joachim
2003Option-Style Multi-Factor Comparable Company Valuation for Practical UseMeitner, Matthias
2011The importance of measuring the delivery of services via commercial presence of offshore foreign affiliates: Some case studies from Australian business experienceDrake-Brockman, Jane
2010El estudio de casos como metodología de investigación científica en dirección y economía de la empresa: Una aplicación a la internacionalizaciónVillarreal Larrinaga, O.; Landeta Rodríguez, J.
2013Perceived overqualification and performance: The role of the peer groupAlfes, Kerstin
2012Adoption and diffusion of health information technology: The case of primary care clinicsCallaway, Brant; Ghosal, Vivek