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DateTitle Authors
2011 European Broadband Tariffs Analysis: Broadband Tariff Analysis - EU 27, Q4 2010Safikhani, Qmars
2010 Revenue requirements for mobile operators with ultra-high mobile broadband data traffic growth.Werding, Jan
2009 Priority and internet qualityKruse, Jörn
2005 Mobile Phone Termination Charges with Asymmetric RegulationBaake, Pio / Mitusch, Kay
2013 Dynamics of broadbands demand: Substitution or complementarity between fixed and mobile technologies? An application to the Portuguese caseSilva, Rita Filipe / Proença, Isabel / Vareda, João
2004 The Determinants of the Global Digital Divide : A Cross-Country Analysis of Computer and Internet PenetrationChinn, Menzie D. / Fairlie, Robert W.
2013 Economic replicability tests for next-generation access networksJaunaux, Laure / Lebourges, Marc
2005 Endogeneous regulatory delay and the timing of product innovationPrieger, James E.
2006 ICT use in the developing world: an analysis of differences in computer and internet penetrationChinn, Menzie D. / Fairlie, Robert W.
2002 Neue Regulierungsstrukturen für Kommunikationsnetze: Überblick und ökonomische Analyse aus der Perspektive von MehrwertdienstenLang, Günter

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