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DateTitle Authors
2004 Die Europäische Erdgasversorgung im WandelSeeliger, Andreas
2005 Forecasting European Gas Supply Selected results from EUGAS model and historical verificationBothe, David / Seeliger, Andreas
2008 Strategic investment in international gas-transport systems: a dynamic analysis of the hold-up problemHubert, Franz / Suleymanova, Irina
2007 From Russia with gas: an analysis of the Nord Stream pipeline's impact on the European Gas Transmission System with the TIGER-ModelLochner, Stefan / Bothe, David
2008 Theory of storage: an empirical assessment of the European natural gas marketStronzik, Marcus / Rammerstorfer, Margarethe / Neumann, Anne
2008 Linking natural gas markets: is LNG doing its job?Neumann, Anne
2013 Combining Energy Networks: The Impact of Europe's Natural Gas Network on Electricity Markets until 2050Abrell, Jan / Gerbaulet, Clemens / Holz, Franziska / Lorenz, Casimir / Weigt, Hannes
2009 Increasing block tariffs in the water sector: a semi-welfarist approachMeran, Georg / von Hirschhausen, Christian R.
2009 Overcoming data limitations in nonparametric benchmarking: applying PCA-DEA to natural gas transmissionNieswand, Maria / Cullmann, Astrid / Neumann, Anne
2012 Price convergence and information efficiency in German natural gas marketsGrowitsch, Christian / Stronzik, Marcus / Nepal, Rabindra

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