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DateTitle Authors
2011 Low cost carriers and the evolution of the US airline industryHüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2011 Patterns and effects of entry in US airline marketsHüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2008 Liberalization of air transport services and passenger trafficPiermartini, Roberta / Rousová, Linda
2003 Incumbent responses to lower cost entry: Evidence from the US airline industryIto, Harumi / Lee, Darin
2003 Low cost carrier growth in the US airline industry: Past, present, and futureIto, Harumi / Lee, Darin
2014 Third-degree Price Discrimination in the Presence of Congestion ExternalityCzerny, Achim I. / Zhang, Anming
2009 Airline emission charges: effects on airfares, service quality, and aircraft designBrueckner, Jan Keith / Zhang, Anming
2013 Measuring strategic firm interaction in product-quality choices: The case of airline flight frequencyBrueckner, Jan K. / Luo, Dan
2013 Flugzeugbau bleibt wichtiges Standbein für den Industriestandort DeutschlandBiermann, Franziska / Bunde, Henriette / Stiller, Silvia
2013 Airline Route Structure Competition and Network PolicySilva, Hugo Emilo / Verhoef, Erik T. / van den Berg, Vincent

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