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2015 When Labor Disputes Bring Cities to a Standstill: The Impact of Public Transit Strikes on Traffic, Accidents, Air Pollution, and HealthBauernschuster, Stefan / Hener, Timo / Rainer, Helmut
2012 Defining quality bulk tonnage: A task for researchers and policy-makersThanopoulou, Helen A. / Gardner, Bernard M.
2013 Regulation of Port Charges in Spain: Global versus Local CompetitionGonzalez-Aregall, Marta / Fageda, Xavier
2015 A Theory of Continuous Uncertainty TypesCzerny, Achim I. / Verhoef, Erik T. / Zhang, Anming
2004 Transport Policy, Acceptance and the MediaWieland, Bernhard / Seidel, Tina / Matthes, Andreas / Schlag, Bernhard
2012 Capped steam ahead: A case study among ship operators on a maritime ETSKoesler, Simon / Achtnicht, Martin / Köhler, Jonathan
2012 Competitive dynamics across industries: An analysis of inter-industry competition in German passenger transportationAlbers, Sascha / Heuermann, Caroline
2012 A gênese das agências reguladoras de transportes: O institucionalismo histórico aplicado à reforma regulatória brasileira dos anos de 1990Gomide, Alexandre de Ávila
2014 Sailing into a dilemma: An economic and legal analysis of an EU trading scheme for maritime emissionsHermeling, Claudia / Klement, Jan Henrik / Koesler, Simon / Köhler, Jonathan / Klement, Dorothee
2014 Measuring the value of transport time for inter-regional tradeMun, Se-il / Konishi, Yoko / Nishiyama, Yoshihiko / Sung, Ji-eun

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