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DateTitle Authors
2012 Infrastructure policy: Basic design optionsKlein, Michael
2012 Auctions that are too good to be trueDecarolis, Francesco / Klein, Michael
2006 Airline schedule competition: product-quality choice in a duopoly modelBrueckner, Jan Keith / Flores-Fillol, Ricardo
2005 Electricity transmission pricing and performance-based regulationVogelsang, Ingo
2009 Regulation and barriers to trade in telecommunications services in the European UnionCave , Martin / Corkery, Matthew
2007 Infrastructure challenges in South Asia: The role of public-private partnershipsNataraj, Geethanjali
1997 Local versus global price cap: A comparison of foreclosure incentivesBrunekreeft, Gert
2002 Privatization, competition and corruption: How characteristics of bribe takers and payers after bribe payments to utilitiesClarke, George R. G. / Xu, Lixin Colin
2012 Evaluation of Different Approaches to Capital Structure RegulationSchaeffler, Stephan
2007 Atomistic congestion tolls at concentrated airports?: seeking a unified view in the internalization debateBrueckner, Jan Keith / van Dender, Kurt

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