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2010 Supporter influence on club governance in a sports league: A utility maximization modelMadden, Paul / Robinson, Terry
2012 Exports and olympic games: Is there a signal effect?Maennig, Wolfgang / Richter, Felix
2009 Sports heroes and mass sports participation: The (double) paradox of the 'German tennis boom'Feddersen, Arne / Jacobsen, Sven / Maennig, Wolfgang
2004 Rule Changes and Competitive Balance in Formula One Motor RacingMastromarco, Camilla / Runkel, Marco
1998 Wieviel Phantasie braucht die Fußballaktie?Lehmann, Erik / Weigand, Jürgen
2008 Against all odds?: national sentiment and wagering on European footballBraun, Sebastian / Kvasnicka, Michael
2007 How to win the Olympic Games: the empirics of key success factors of Olympic bidsFeddersen, Arne / Maennig, Wolfgang / Zimmermann, Philipp
2005 Trends in competitive balance: Is there evidence for growing imbalance in professional sport leagues?Feddersen, Arne / Maennig, Wolfgang
2008 Expert analysis and insider information in horserace betting: Regulating informed market behaviorPeirson, John / Smith, Michael A.
2014 The behavioural economics of competitive balance: Implications for league policy and championship managementBudzinski, Oliver / Pawlowski, Tim

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