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2006 Competition for viewers and advertisers in a TV oligopolyKind, Hans Jarle / Nilssen, Tore / Sørgard, Lars
2005 Advertising, competition and entry in media industriesCrampes, Claude / Haritchabalet, Carole / Jullien, Bruno
2012 News sources and media biasGarcia-Pires, Armando J. / Kind, Hans Jarle / Sørgard, Lars
2013 Centralized Bargaining in Press WholesaleMay, Frank Christian / Münster, Johannes
2013 Either or Both Competition: A "Two-Sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping ViewershipsReisinger, Markus / Ambrus, Attila / Calvano, Emilio
2006 The analysis of coordinated effects in EU merger control: where do we stand after Sony/BMG and Impala?Aigner, Gisela / Budzinski, Oliver / Christiansen, Arndt
2007 The prohibition of the proposed Springer-ProSiebenSat-1-merger: how much economics in German merger control?Budzinski, Oliver / Wacker, Katharina
2014 Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Digital Music SalesPeukert, Christian / Kretschmer, Tobias
2009 The efficiency of German public theaters: a stochastic frontier analysis approachLast, Anne-Kathrin / Wetzel, Heike
2014 Are commercial ceilings appropriate for the regulation of commercial overload on free-to-air TV channels?Rothbauer, Julia / Sieg, Gernot

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