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2008 On the Effects of Suggested Prices in Gasoline MarketsFaber, Riemer P. / Janssen, Maarten C.W.
2001 The self-organisation of strategic alliancesPyka, Andreas / Windrum, Paul
2004 The Origin and Location of Entrants in the Evolution of the U.S. Tire IndustryBuenstorf, Guido / Klepper, Steven
2011 Does increased price competition reduce entry of new pharmaceutical products?Granlund, David / Rudholm, Niklas
2009 Technological diversity and future product diversity in the drug industryCantner, Uwe / Plotnikova, Tatiana
2005 Heritage and agglomeration: the Akron tire cluster revisitedBuenstorf, Guido / Klepper, Steven
2007 The relationship among innovative output, productivity, and profitability: a test comparing USPTO and EPO dataSantarelli, Enrico / Lotti, Francesca
2006 Reference pricing of pharmaceuticalsBrekke, Kurt R. / Koenigbauer, Ingrid / Straume, Odd Rune
2008 Pharmaceutical Research StrategiesPhlippen, Sandra / Vermeersch, An
2008 Genetic codes of mergers, post merger technology evolution and why mergers failCuntz, Alexander

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