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DateTitle Authors
1997 The Computer Software Industry in East and West: Do Eastern European Countries Need a Specific Science and Technology Policy?Bitzer, Jürgen
2015 The layers of the IT Agreement's trade impactHenn, Christian / Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan, Arevik
2000 The Nature and Effects of Technological Change Over the Industry Life CycleFilson, Darren
2000 Product and Process Innovations in the Life Cycle of an IndustryFilson, Darren
1999 Industry Evolution: New Technologies and New FirmsFilson, Darren / Franco, April Mitchell
2010 The impact of competition on technology adoption: An apples-to-PCs analysisCopeland, Adam / Shapiro, Adam Hale
2010 Global Production Networks in Electronics and Intra-Asian TradeGangnes, Byron / Van Assche, Ari
1982 Electronics, Economic Growth and Employment – Revolution or EvolutionEliasson, Gunnar
2001 International Trade in Intermediate Inputs: The Case of the Automobile IndustryDiehl, Markus
2001 Blessing or curse? Domestic plants' survival and employment prospects after foreign acquisitionGirma, Sourafel / Görg, Holger

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