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DateTitle Authors
1980 The Demand for Energy in Swedish ManufacturingDargay, Joyce M.
1991 Flexible Automation in the U.S. Engineering IndustriesTaymaz, Erol
1983 Energy Usage and Energy Prices in Swedish ManufacturingDargay, Joyce
1980 Förändrad tillverkningsorganisation och dess återverkningar på kapitalbildningen: En studie vid ASEANilsson, Sam
2002 Multinational companies and indigenous development: An empirical analysisGörg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2003 Multinational companies, technology spillovers, and plant survivalGörg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2013 Technological regimes in the Brazilian manufacturing industry: An empirical investigationVieira, Vinicius / Resende, Marcelo
18-Dec-2014 A Comparative Study On Application Of Regulation Of Hygiene Education Dated 5 July 2013 Between Göynük And Güdül CountiesGökmoğol, Mehmet Ruhi
2008 Firm location determinants: Empirical evidence for FranceRocha, Nadia
2010 The effect of exchange rate movements on heterogeneous plants: A quantile regression analysisTomlin, Ben / Fung, Loretta

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