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DateTitle Authors
2013 Electronic communications regulation in Europe: An overview of past and future problemsParcu, Pier Luigi / Silvestri, Virginia
2012 Natural monopoly and distorted competition: Evidence from unbundling fiber-optic networksMinamihashi, Naoaki
2013 Democracy and Regulation: The Effects of Electoral Competition on Infrastructure InvestmentsSchram, Arthur / Ule, Aljaz
2011 Coordination under uncertain conditions: An analysis of the Fukushima catastropheAoki, Masahiko / Rothwell, Geoffrey
2011 Using forward contracts to reduce regulatory captureHöffler, Felix / Kranz, Sebastian
2003 Ex-Ante-Regulierung oder Ex-Post-Aufsicht fuer netzgebundene Industrien?Haucap, Justus / Kruse, Jörn
2009 Privatisation and renationalisation: What went wrong in Bolivia's water sector?Hailu, Degol / Osório, Rafael Guerreiro / Tsukada, Raquel
2014 The impact of regulation and competition on the migration from old to new communications infrastructure: Recent evidence from EU27 member statesBriglauer, Wolfgang
2003 Monopoly quality degradation in cable televisionCrawford, Gregory S. / Shum, Matthew
2006 What is the X-Factor in the German Electricity Industry?Kuhlmann, Andreas

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