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DateTitle Authors
2008 Ex Post Regulation Facilitates CollusionBeschorner, Patrick Frank Ernst
2008 Do Consumers Benefit from Concentration in the New Economy? A Review of Google's Mergers, Acquisitions, and ArrangementsBeschorner, Patrick Frank Ernst
2012 Forward integration and market entry: Evidence from natural gas markets for household customers in GermanyNikogosian, Vigen / Weigand, Jürgen
2011 Ex-post assessment of merger effects: the case of Pfizer and Pharmacia (2003)Leheyda, Nina / Beschorner, Patrick / Hüschelrath, Kai
2011 The effects of the block exemption regulation reform on the Swiss car marketLeheyda, Nina / Beschorner, Patrick / Hüschelrath, Kai
2012 Bargaining, vertical mergers and entrySapi, Geza
2012 The strategic use of private quality standards in food supply chainsvon Schlippenbach, Vanessa / Teichmann, Isabel
2012 The effects of rebate contracts on the health care systemGraf, Julia
2011 One-stop shopping behavior, buyer power, and upstream merger incentivesvon Schlippenbach, Vanessa / Wey, Christian
2005 Killing the goose that may have laid the golden egg? The incentives to discriminate and the regulation of access charges in the German electricity supply industrySchmidtchen, Dieter / Bier, Christoph

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