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DateTitle Authors
2008 On the Effects of Suggested Prices in Gasoline MarketsFaber, Riemer P. / Janssen, Maarten C.W.
2007 Two Tales on ResaleHöffler, Felix / Schmidt, Klaus M.
2009 Optional linear input prices in vertical relationsSalim, Claudia
2014 The strategic value of partial vertical integrationFiocco, Raffaele
2010 Loyalty-Rewarding Pricing Schemes: Contract Space and Rent ShiftingWohlschlegel, Ansgar
2006 Do slotting allowances harm retail competition?Foros, Øystein / Kind, Hans Jarle
2007 Resale price maintenance and restrictions on dominant firm and industry-wide adoptionForos, Øystein / Kind, Hans Jarle / Schaffer, Greg
2005 Switching costs in retroactive rebates: what’s time got to do with it?Maier-Rigaud, Frank P.
2007 Purchase decisions with non-linear pricing options under risk: experimental evidenceMaier-Rigaud, Frank P. / Beckenkamp, Martin
2007 Two tales on resaleHöffler, Felix / Schmidt, Klaus M.

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