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DateTitle Authors
2001 Non-competition factors in the European competition policy: The necessity of institutional reformsSchmidt, André
2005 Competition Policy Works: The Effect of Competition Policy on the Intensity of Competition - An International Cross-Country ComparisonKrakowski, Michael
2009 Methodologische Grundlagen einer Evaluation von WettbewerbspolitikHüschelrath, Kai
2012 The value of bluer skies: How much do consumers gain from entry by JetBlue Airways in long-haul US Airline Markets?Hüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2012 Market power, efficiencies, and entry: Evidence from an airline mergerHüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2011 Low cost carriers and the evolution of the US airline industryHüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2011 Patterns and effects of entry in US airline marketsHüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2012 Backwards integration and strategic delegationHunold, Matthias / Röller, Lars-Hendrik / Stahl, Konrad
2011 Consumer behavior towards on-net/off-net price differentiationHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2013 Rent sharing and gender discrimination in collegiate athleticsLackner, Mario / Zulehner, Christine

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