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29-Mar-2011 Payment Card Network Pricing - A Theoretical Approach Analyzing the Relationship between Downstream Market Characteristics and the Merchant Usage FeeLanglet, Markus
2009 Conjectural cost variations in a differentiated good oligopolyJurgan, Jens
2004 The East German Cement Cartel : An Inquiry into Comparable Markets, Industry Structure, and Antitrust PolicyVeltins, Michael A. / Schaller, Armin / Blum, Ulrich
2001 Der Strombinnenmarkt und die Kommissionsvorschläge : Zentralisierung oder Wettbewerb der (De-)Regulierungsansätze?Kumkar, Lars
2012 Explicit vs. tacit collusion: The impact of communication in oligopoly experimentsFonseca, Miguel A. / Normann, Hans-Theo
2012 An empirical assessment of the 2004 EU merger policy reformDuso, Tomaso / Gugler, Klaus / Szücs, Florian
2011 Competition policy and productivity growth: An empirical assessmentBuccirossi, Paolo / Ciari, Lorenzo / Duso, Tomaso / Spagnolo, Giancarlo / Vitale, Cristiana
2009 Efficiency of EU merger control in the 1990-2008 periodSerdarević, Goran / Teplý, Petr
2012 Investment in customer recognition and information exchangeShy, Oz / Stenbacka, Rune
2011 Customer recognition and competitionShy, Oz / Stenbacka, Rune

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