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DateTitle Authors
2007 Arm's length provision of public servicesBennedsen, Morten / Schultz, Christian
2008 Every catholic child in a catholic school”: historical resistance to state schooling, contemporary private competition, and student achievement across countriesWest, Martin R. / Woessmann, Ludger
2007 Cost and technical efficiency of German hospitals: a stochastic frontier analysisFrohloff, Annika
2004 Monopoly prices versus Ramsey-Boiteux prices: are they similar, and: does it matter?Höffler, Felix
2006 The threat of capital drain: a rationale for public banks?Hakenes, Hendrik / Schnabel, Isabel
2007 Is There Evidence of FDI Spillover on Chinese Firms’ Productivity and Innovation?Hale, Galina / Long, Cheryl
2012 Media slant against foreign owners: DownsizingFriebel, Guido / Heinz, Matthias
2013 Introducing Activity-Based Payment in the Hospital Industry: Evidence from French DataChoné, Philippe / Evain, Franck / Wilner, Lionel / Yilmaz, Engin
2010 School competition and students' entrepreneurial intentions: International evidence using historical Catholic roots of private schoolingFalck, Oliver / Woessmann, Ludger
2011 Political Preferences and Public Sector OutsourcingElinder, Mikael / Jordahl, Henrik

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