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DateTitle Authors
2005 Fusiones y adquisiciones en mercados con empresas públicas y privadasColoma, Germán
2003 PPP bei Schulbauten - Leitfaden WirtschaftlichkeitsvergleichJacob, Dieter / Winter, Christoph / Stuhr, Constanze
2002 Involvement of small and medium sized enterprises in the private realisation of public buildingsHeinecke, Bastian
2004 Monopoly prices versus Ramsey-Boiteux prices: are they similar, and: does it matter?Höffler, Felix
2006 The threat of capital drain: a rationale for public banks?Hakenes, Hendrik / Schnabel, Isabel
2004 The Political Economy of Privatization. Why Do Governments Want Reforms?Börner, Kira
2012 Does privatisation of vocational rehabilitation improve labour market opportunities? Evidence from a field experiment in SwedenJönsson, Lisa / Skogman Thoursie, Peter
2004 What Accounts for International Differences in Student Performance? : A Re-Examination Using PISA DataFuchs, Thomas / Woessmann, Ludger
2002 The Hold-Down Problem and the Boundaries of the Firm: Lessons from a Hidden Action Model with Endogenous Outside OptionSchnedler, Wendelin / Sunde, Uwe
2011 A Theory of Private Research FundingFriedrici, Karola / Hakenes, Hendrik

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