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2009 Expansion in markets with decreasing demand: for-profits in the German hospital industrySchwierz, Christoph
2008 Product quality in a simple OLG model of scientific competitionAlbert, Max
2006 The Impact of ISO 9000 Diffusion on Trade and FDI: A New Institutional AnalysisClougherty, Joseph A. / Grajek, Michal
2006 Acquisition versus greenfield: The impact of the mode of foreign bank entry on information and bank lending ratesClaeys, Sophie / Hainz, Christa
2011 Donations to US based NGOs in International Development Cooperation: How (Un-)Informed Are Private Donors?Nunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes
2014 Referral Incentives in CrowdfundingNaroditskiy, Victor / Stein, Sebastian / Tonin, Mirco / Tran-Thanh, Long / Vlassopoulos, Michael / Jennings, Nicholas R.
2008 Anreize wirken: Deutsche Wirtschaftsforschungsinstitute im AufwindKetzler, Rolf / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2008 Copayments for ambulatory care in Germany: A natural experiment using a difference-in-difference approachSchreyögg, Jonas / Grabka, Markus M.
2012 Charitable bequests and wealth at deathAtkinson, Anthony B. / Backus, Peter G. / Micklewright, John
2006 Control rights in public-private partnershipsFrancesconi, Marco / Muthoo, Abhinay

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