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2006 Who gets the Credit? Determinants of the Probability of Default in the German Hospital SectorAugurzky, Boris / Engel, Dirk / Schwierz, Christoph
2011 Model of NGO regulation with an application to UgandaBurger, Ronelle / Dasgupta, Indraneel / Owens, Trudy
2011 US based NGOs in International Development Cooperation: Survival of the Fittest?Nunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes / Schwörer, Tillmann
2010 Funding, Competition and the Efficiency of NGOs: An Empirical Analysis of Non-charitable Expenditure of US NGOs Engaged in Foreign AidNunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes
2010 Funding, competition and the efficiency of NGOs: An empirical analysis of non-charitable expenditure of US NGOs engaged in foreign aidNunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes
2011 US based NGOs in international development cooperation: Survival of the fittest?Nunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes / Schwörer, Tillmann
2009 The mechanics of central bank intervention in foreign exchange marketsBasu, Kaushik
2004 Intrinsic motivation in open source software developmentBitzer, Jürgen / Schrettl, Wolfram / Schröder, Philipp J. H.
2008 Product quality in a simple OLG model of scientific competitionAlbert, Max
2006 Acquisition versus greenfield: The impact of the mode of foreign bank entry on information and bank lending ratesClaeys, Sophie / Hainz, Christa

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