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2009 Innovative firms or innovative owners? Determinants of innovation in micro, small, and medium enterprisesde Mel, Suresh / McKenzie, David / Woodruff, Christopher
2011 Personal bankruptcy law, wealth and entrepreneurship: Theory and evidence from the introduction of a fresh startFossen, Frank M.
2013 Stepping Forward: Personality Traits, Choice of Profession, and the Decision to Become Self-EmployedSorgner, Alina / Fritsch, Michael
2011 Job creation by firms in DenmarkIbsen, Rikke / Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2012 The impact of networking on firm performance: Evidence from small and medium-sized firms in emerging technology areasKalm, Matias
2010 Patent as a motivation of starting a new entrepreneurial activity of high potentialGoniadis, Iraklis / Goniadis, Yannis
2010 What determines the innovation capability of firm founders?Arvanitis, Spyros / Stucki, Tobias
2013 The Decision to Become an Entrepreneur and the Firm Size Distribution: A Unifying Framework for Policy AnalysisPoschke, Markus
2006 The Entrepreneur's Mode of Entry: Business Takeover or New Venture Start?Parker, Simon C. / van Praag, C. Mirjam
2007 Greasing the wheels of entrepreneurship? The impact of regulations and corruption on firm entryDreher, Axel / Gassebner, Martin

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